Terra Alpaca X5 + Alpaca Tool Carrier


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DESCRIPTION: Terra Alpaca is a new mountain bike saddle offering support and riding control sold with a fully integrated tool kit designed to fit perfectly below the shape of Alpaca saddles. FULLY INTEGRATED CARRIER:

For both Terra and Gravita Alpaca saddles we have developed a specific tool carrier that is fully integrated and removable. The carrier has been designed to fit perfectly below the shape of the Alpaca saddles, making it an ideal companion without impact the overall aesthetic of the bike. 12 FEATURES MULTI-TOOL:

The carrier includes a 12 features multi-tool with inflator head and two removable 16g CO2 cartridge housings. The carrier tucks on the bottom of the saddle and is secured with a fixing screw. Once installed, the carrier completely integrates with the silhouette of the saddle and doesn’t get in the way while riding.