13 Mountain Bike Gears And Tools To Go Mountain Biking In Nepal | Essential Gears, Components, Protection 

Wherever you go on a trip, it is important to carry the essential gears one needs. Especially when going mountain biking, you need to make sure that you have the right tools and essentials so that you don’t end up getting stranded on the trail without help. Here are 20 essential mountain bike gears you need while going on a mountain biking trip in Nepal. 

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Apparel and Protective Wear for Mountain Biking 

1. Helmet 

It is the most essential item on the list, such that no one should be riding without a protective helmet. Bike helmets can significantly reduce the severity of head injuries during crashes. There are many types of helmets available for all sorts of mountain biking, from downhill, enduro to cross country. The types of helmets available are: 

  1. XC: These type of helmets are open-faced and lightweight. These are ideal for long rides as they provide good ventilation. 
  2. Full-face: Full face helmets are suitable for downhill riding at very highspeeds and varying terrains. It covers the entire face and includes a visor and chin protection for ultimate safety. 
  3. Trail: The trail mountain biking helmets are good not only for the trail but also for general or city riding as they are breathable, protects from the sun and other weather elements and covers ¾ area of the face. 

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2. Protective Glasses 

We cannot stress enough about how necessary protective glasses are. Much like helmets, glasses protect another most essential part of your body, the eyes. If you do not prefer a full face helmet, glasses are a must. While going mountain biking, eye wear helps you see more clearly in the bright sunlight and also protects your eyes from dirt, dust and debris while on the trail. 

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3. Mask 

A good mask will not only protect you from dust and dirt, it will also help to protect you from harmful UV rays while riding. You can get any type of masks as long they are breathable and provide good coverage. These vibrant masks from Looseriders not only provide you with protection but will also make you look really stylish while riding. 

4. Rain Jacket 

There are two best seasons to go mountain biking in Nepal – the monsoon and the dry season. If you are planning to go mountain biking during the monsoon, you will need a weatherproof jacket that will keep you dry and warm like this Blacklabel Weatherproof jacket by Looseriders. 

5. Gloves 

Mountain biking gloves provide protection and coverage while also providing additional padding. Riding a mountain bike puts more pressure on the hands than compared to city riding. The rough trails and speedy downhill can apply a lot of pressure on the hands as well as scrape your hands in case of a fall. So, for best coverage and a good grip, get riding gloves that provide good padding but also allow you to get a good grip on the brakes. 

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6. Knee Pads

Knee pads protect your knees while riding and can prevent serious knee injuries. They also provide support as you continuously pedal your way through the trail. So, make sure to get a pair of knee pads that fit snugly and provide good range of movement. 

Mountain Biking Gears Must-Haves

7. Spare Tubes 

Let’s start with the most important item on the list, spare tubes. When mountain biking through rugged trails, there is a high chance that your bike tire will get punctured, and when that happens, you need to be prepared with spare tubes. You can carry one for a short trip but it is wise to carry more for longer trips. 

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8. Tire Pump 

You will need a tool to fix those spare tubes, so make sure that you carry a tire pump with you. Hand pumps are especially light and easy to carry. 

9. Tire Sealant Tubeless Liquid

If your mountain bike is installed with tubeless tires, carry tubeless tire sealant like the Peaty’s Tubeless Sealant.  

10. Multi-tool 

Carrying a good MTB multi-tool can become handy in many ways. A cycling multi-tool will help to keep you rolling if you need to make adjustments while riding. 

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11. Chain Lube

Chain lube will allow your bike to roll efficiently without any friction or resistance. It needs to be applied to make sure that you are able to ride your bike smoothly and safely. Types of chain lubes can depend on the environment that you are riding. Especially for Nepal, when the seasons get either too dry or too wet, you need to make sure that you are taking the right chain lube with you on your trip. 

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12. Saddle Bag

When carrying all the above tools, it only makes sense that you carry a suitable saddle bag to put them in. Under seat saddle bags help you to carry your essentials for quick access in case you need to make a repair. It also lightens the load on your backpack or, not having to carry a backpack at all! 

13. Water Bottle 

It is important to stay hydrated while on the trail. When riding a bike especially in the mountains and hills of Nepal, you will have limited access to drinking water and might need to travel far to reach the next stop. So, make sure that you carry a water bottle and drink as much water as you can. 

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