Mountain Bike Hire
& Rent In Kathmandu .

Looking to hire and rent a mountain bike in Kathmandu? Our mountain bikes have been well maintained and are in great shape to guarantee that you have a great time.

Along with the bikes, we also provide rentals for bicycle components such as helmets, tube and pump to make sure that your ride goes smoothly.

Mountain Bike Hire in Kathmandu

Find your fit for adventure bikes here. Get your mountain bikes for hire in Kathmandu. Wherever your ride takes you, our bikes and equipment will accompany you for a safe journey. 

Gravity Nepal has got the best quality mountain bicycles on rent in Kathmandu. 

Rocky Mountain
Soul 720

Rs. 1000 per day

This hardtail trail bike for hire has mid-range components and mechanical disc brakes. It is easier to ride uphill and downhill, and also for sprinting. This Rocky Mountain bike can be rented by beginners or intermediate riders and is also recommended for casual riders. 

Rocky Mountain
Thunderbolt A10

Rs. 3500

You can hire Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt for technical singletracks and endless hills. It has upper mid-range components that allows you to ride through any technical track. This bicycle can be rented by beginner mountain bikers to intermediate riders. 

Whether you are riding around Kathmandu valley or going for a multi-day mountain biking tour in Nepal, select one of our best bicycles and take it for a spin. Come by, call or leave a message, we‘re looking forward to helping you chose the right bicycle to rent in Kathmandu for your adventure.