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About us

Gravity Nepal came into existence when two biking enthusiasts met during a racing event in 2016. Sharing common interests and vision to develop MTB as a sport in the country, we decided to nurture and provide the best MTB community/service in Nepal.

Our unfathomable love for the sport has always kept us motivated and dedicated. We admit our particular inclination towards Enduro biking. We believe no other format of mountain biking can deliver the thrill of going downhill while at the same time pushing riders to the limit of their endurance. So, to stay true to our words, we are now the official distributor of two amazing bike brands. With the best products in the trade (YT & Rocky Mountain bikes) under our roof, we are one step closer to realising our vision.

Our vision is to re-structure the MTB scene in Nepal from the grassroots. Gravity Nepal team rider Suman Tamang (19) has already represented the company and country in various races both at home and abroad. Karma Sherpa (14) and Singhe Dhandur (12) are also rising up the ranks. They are living testaments to our selfless efforts to nurture talent.

Gravity Nepal, thus, is a pit stop for MTB aficionados in the Himalaya.

Exciting days have begun!